Random Thoughts #6.

I’m just really tired.

I am just confused (and sort of over this whole thing). I’m afraid that I took this whole extra year to just leave me even more unprepared and unsure. My marks show one thing, but the weary nights to get those marks tell another. Worried about if I made the wrong decisions, worried about where things will take me, and in general, being really angry about the hate and judgement that is university discussion forums.

  • Why I shouldn’t care: If they are on those forums, they are probably just as oblivious as you are.
  • Why I maybe should care: They are still the next generation, and probably I will be seeing them at some point in my career (or someone similar).

Well, that is, if they don’t end up falling from their high horse and hurting themselves first. They may bruise more than just their ego.