Today, I went downtown with a friend. We planned a full day of food, adventure, shopping, and just plain having fun.Included in that was an art gallery called “The Powerplant” on the harbourfront. As nice as that one should have been, it was my least favorite mostly because it was a little too abstract and a little too confusing even for me. I didn’t get the emotions that the art was meant to induce, but I instead was hit with waves of confusion and overall discomfort. I guess that’s what “good” art is supposed to do. I am still not sure.

We also visited the poetry section of an Indigo bookstore. In there, I looked through the poems and read some of them. I was impressed by how excited I was reading and understanding them and even chuckled at a few jokes.
Then I looked at the price tags, and disappointedly had to leave them be with the intent of “hmm, maybe next time”.

Another place I ended up discovering and loving is a gallery in the Distillery District ┬áthat we found by accident. I was wary at first as it looked very hidden and much like they didn’t want anyone in there. However, when we went in and didn’t get kicked out, I looked at the paintings and sculptures and tried to draw conclusions about what the artist must have meant and why they did what they did. The creation, the adjusting, the naming, ans where they were displayed each played a part into how the art looked. Some were haunting faces on a black broken wall, some were lifelike with 3D components that seemed to jump out at you from the canvass, and some very cleverly used colours to show contrasts between the nearby paintings. Together, they left me with an odd feeling that intrigued me.

My favourite piece of art ended up being the one that we found even more by accident. It didn’t have a price tag of a couple thousand dollars+ on it, nor did it have a home in a nice frame or hung on wall inside a nice building – it was graffiti along an alleyway in the Kensington market. Colourful and creative, the mural seemed to scream life and happiness. It was there to be looked at and taken in slowly. The longer you looked, the more you seemed to find.

Art is constantly in the people and events around us. It’s found when you have the ability to appreciate the beauty in the little things and have a keen eye to be able to search out the things that make you and other people excited. It should provoke some sort of emotion that enriches someone’s life.
And you, you are a piece of art as well. Everyone has the ability to cultivate happiness.Take some time today (and everyday) to do something to make someone else feel special. Trust me, if done correctly, you will feel extra special yourself too.